Web Server Bug

David Douthitt ssrat at ticon.net
Sun Jun 17 01:36:34 UTC 2007

Mike McGrath wrote:
> Yes, the code dump is ugly but the accounts system is being completely
> re-written so all work to fix the current system has basically been
> put on hold, though the complaint you have is a common one. 
That's good to know - yet, this makes me think of two things.

One, why not put that into a FAQ somewhere that people can look at?

Another thing that comes to mind - I don't know if this is already done,
or if the discussion on it has already been thrashed to death - but why
not use Subversion and two different branches, one being a development
branch and one a stable branch?  Innumerable projects do this already,
including FreeBSD, Linux, Samba, and who knows how many more.....

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