Fedora Magazine RFR

Anand Capur admin at arcnetworks.biz
Tue Jun 19 01:30:22 UTC 2007

Yes, I can make groups, see all the users, and groups also. BUT If I try to
edit a user that isn't me it just gives basic info about them. If I try to
edit a group that isn't mine it shows me like I can edit it, but when I
click update, save, whatever it doesn't let me complete the edit. Actually
the flash was only to have it so you can turn the pages like a real
magazine. If you don't want that, thats no problem it isn't required in any
way. So far I have 5 people on our team. I would secure Joomla, not just a
vanilla uninstall. Yes, I agree that they aren't secure from the start, but
they can be. Joomla is just a possibility, but probably unlikely since we
are formatting and designing the magazine offline. I simply said my because
I am the one installing it. It isn't mine personally and the magazine isn't
mine personally also. I'm just the EiC but it is from all the contributers,
not just me.
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