ticket system comments

seth vidal skvidal at linux.duke.edu
Fri Jun 22 16:30:41 UTC 2007

Some thoughts I had yesterday about OTRS/RT/ETC for ticketing systems
for us.

1. We don't get a huge number of tickets - so maybe any system is
2. A good number of the tickets can be solved immediately when they
3. If they can't be solved immediately then we need a reminder about
4. we want users to be able to send in info like this w/o jumping
through any hoops.

I was going to suggest we make a mailing list:
admin-request at fedoraproject.org - maybe alias it to something simple.
When messages come in we do the following:

1. see if we know how to solve it and have time to do it immediately
2. If you don't know how to solve it or don't have the time, open a
bugzilla item about it on a product-to-be-created and thrown the
bugzilla entry back to the list and the poster

This way, the simple things that don't really need a ticket don't get
one and the hard things that do need a ticket do get one.


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