Meeting Log - 2007-11-15

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Thu Nov 15 20:35:57 UTC 2007

14:59 < skvidal> who wants to have a meeting?
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14:59 < GeroldKa> what kind of meeting skvidal ?
14:59  * ricky 
15:00 < skvidal> fedora-infrastructure meeting :)
15:00 < GeroldKa> ah OK
15:00 < GeroldKa> that's not my $favorite meeting today :-/
15:01 < abadger1999> Yes, let's.
15:01 < nnm> yep
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15:02  * ricky copies from an old log: < mmcgrath> dgilmore jeremy abadger1999 jima paulobanon mbonnet f13  mdomsch  warren ricky skvidal ivazquez people I forgot: Ping!
15:02  * mdomsch needs to fix the calendar again after DST change
15:02 < skvidal> ricky: useful :)
15:02  * skvidal is here
15:02 < skvidal> oh crap, I'm supposedly in charge for this week
15:02  * lmacken  
15:02 < skvidal> okie doke
15:02 < abadger1999> ha ha
15:02 < jcollie> yo
15:02 < abadger1999> sucker :-)
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15:02 < warren> Even though I fixed the bug, I still fear crashes at this time.
15:02 < skvidal> let's see what the certs say
15:02 < skvidal> s/certs/tickets/
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15:03 < ricky>
15:03 < ricky> Oops.
15:03 < ricky> I missed:
15:04 < skvidal> so
15:04 < skvidal> guess what
15:04 < skvidal> we're still low on disk space
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15:04 < jeremy> shocker
15:04 < skvidal> on the plus side we do have the serverbeach servers and the rest of today, for me, is to get at least one of them online enough for us to use
15:04 < jeremy> go seth go!
15:04 < skvidal> now, once it's all xen and happy I need some suggestions on what we need to get over there first
15:05 < f13> I'm in another meeting :(
15:05 < ricky> Woohoo!
15:05 < mdomsch> skvidal, mirrorlist requests
15:05 < skvidal> we need to have a new app server
15:05 < ricky> So we said mirrormanager (or list at least)
15:05 < mdomsch> e.g. mirrors.fp.o
15:05 < skvidal> mdomsch: can our app servers talk to any db they need or to fas w/o having to be in phx?
15:06 < mdomsch> skvidal, if they can reach db1 over the vpn, then yes
15:06 < mdomsch> if they can't, no dice
15:06 < skvidal> mdomsch: yes, well the vpn is the other issue
15:06 < abadger1999> s/db1/db2/
15:06 < mdomsch> ok
15:06 < ricky> Can't seem to ping db1/2 from proxy3, at least.
15:06 < mdomsch> w/o the vpn, all we can do is scp the mirrorlist data out to the app servers not in phx
15:07 < skvidal> okay then it seems like I have to either find that password/key for the CA for the vpn
15:07 < mdomsch> fwiw, I'm ok with copying the data out from app3 -> app4 and new serverbeach appX
15:07 < skvidal> but for the long run this needs to be documented
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15:08 < skvidal> setting up a vpn client isn't hard - but the CA signing is difficult :)
15:08 < skvidal> okay, next  thing
15:08 < skvidal> ricky: what's the good word? did glezos have to jet?
15:08  * nirik recomends the use of the openvpn 'easy-rsa' scripts. Makes it very easy to handle openvpn certs. 
15:09 < skvidal> nirik: yes, that's true
15:09 < skvidal> one problem
15:09 < ricky> skvidal: For transifex?  Yeah, I'm waiting a bit on glezos, but I may have to do some digging about that error myself.
15:09 < skvidal> they don't work without the password on the CA
15:09 < nirik> sure. Thats gonna be needed no matter what. ;)
15:09 < skvidal> ricky: okay, thanks - it'd be good to get that back up sooner than later
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15:09 < ricky> Definitely.
15:09 < skvidal> ricky: is there anything I can do to help?
15:10 < lmacken> ricky: what error ?
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15:10 < skvidal> mdomsch, abadger1999, ricky, lmacken: what else can we do with what's in serverbeach?
15:11 < ricky> When a translation is submitted, it gives a UnicodeDecodeError.
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15:11 < mdomsch> skvidal, another proxy
15:11 < skvidal> I know mike had some specific plans, and that's fine - I just wanted to see if there was anything else pressing
15:11 < lmacken> ricky: fun! I love those
15:11 < mdomsch> skvidal, maybe smolt backend
15:11 < mdomsch> since those boxes are beefy
15:11 < ricky> Heh- funny thing is- it doesn't happen on publictest5 - just app3.  
15:11 < skvidal> mdomsch: yah - I'm going to see if I can find my spreadsheet
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15:11 < skvidal> mdomsch: indeed and smolt should be outside of phx,imo, too
15:12 < ricky> Maybe it's an effect of the sqlite => mysql migration.
15:12 < skvidal> okay, we can allocate them in xen once this is happy
15:12 < skvidal> okay next item
15:12 < skvidal> bacula
15:12 < skvidal> we're hitting the wall on bacula
15:12 < skvidal> and I want to know if there is anyone who is more versed in bacula than me
15:13 < skvidal> b/c I have some questions if there are
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15:14 < ricky> Guess not at the moment :)
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15:15 < skvidal> okay
15:15 < skvidal> anything else? b/c if not we can close this early and I'll see if I can be useful
15:15 < ricky> Perhaps #bacula would be able to help a bit, if we can't find somebody.
15:15 < skvidal> ricky: yah - I know - I'll sort it out - I just wish there was more room for errors :)
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15:17 < skvidal> okay seems like it is quiet, too quiet
15:17 < abadger1999> smolt would benefit from having a local database but I don't think we want to set that up without some thought.
15:18 < mdomsch> be useful
15:18 < skvidal> anythin else?
15:18 < warren> how is the storage going
15:18 < warren> for koji
15:18 < warren> after the purging
15:18 < skvidal> warren: no word since mike is away
15:18 < mdomsch> jima, are your map stats now unique IPs ?
15:18 < warren> ok
15:18 < skvidal> I've not heard anything new from max
15:18 < f13> purging is going well
15:18 < f13> we have another round of purges that will hit in a week or so
15:19 < f13> and that will give us a good indication if we look at the initial purge and the second p urge at what our expected growth will be over time.
15:19 < skvidal> purging is good
15:19 < jima> mdomsch: mirrorlist? yes.
15:19 < ricky> Hm, I don't know anything about this, but would db balancing help smolt?
15:19 < f13> we're obviously growing, but not as much as before.
15:19 < ricky> (Or is that not where the bottleneck is?)
15:20 < abadger1999> ricky: It might.  But that's also something that I'd want to think about before doing... replication makes things more complex.
15:20 < f13> I also have word from my manager that once we have that idea of growth, and project out a year, we have budget to get needed storage, and needed backup system.
15:20 < ricky> Aha.
15:20 < f13> so when Mike gets back, I'll work with him on that.
15:21 < abadger1999> And I don't even know if we've added more indexes to the db tables yet. (which would be a much simpler fix to the db bottleneck.)
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15:23 < ricky> Wasn't there a db person in #fedora-admin working with smolt recently?
15:24  * dgilmore is here now
15:24 < abadger1999> There were a few.  loupgaroublond -- do you know if the those db changes were implemented for smolt?
15:26 < ricky> And anybody have an update on anything at
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15:33 < skvidal> I think we're closed out at this point, actually
15:34 < ricky> OK then :)  Sending the log.
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