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Re: hosting git conversion of Fedora CVS tree on fedora infrastructure?

Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:
> This sounds like something we could do, but I don't think we should do
> it.  For one, after we move the hosted stuff away from cvs-int, that
> box will get a complete makover and one that, as far as I can tell,
> won't include git.  I'm not sure what problem this solves really.
> If there is a real need in Fedora to use git, why not just put
> together a proposal for migrating cvs to git?  Lots of people have

Hi Mike,

That's a much bigger shift, and will probably take a long time
to realize.  On the other hand, providing a service like this is easy,
and might help nay-sayers realize the value.  In the mean time,
people who find it useful get the benefit right away.

> tried this, its not an easy task.  But adding an additional SCM for
> GIT which is JUST a copy of what's in CVS sounds like a waste of our
> resources.  Why not also do SVN, BZR and Mercurial?

IMHO, they're not as useful.

If Fedora doesn't want to do this, I can probably set up
something independent and provide public git:// access.

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