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Re: looking to give back to the community

Shaun Silk wrote:
Hi my name is Shaun Kluzek
I have over twenty years programming experience. started programming in Apple Basic at the age of 11,The first linux system i used was RedHat back in about 1999,i now program mainly in C, and spend a reasonable time with C++, Java and assembly. I also write applications for embedded devices like my mobile phone. On my paranoid side i'm currently running a Fedora/Gentoo dual boot, dual monitor, dual cpu system. The gentoo machine runs nine encrypted partitions including the root partition. The system also employs port knocking for added security for my sshd with a full initrd written by myself to map the encrypted root before pivoting to a mapped file system. Professionally my duties range from software development, system administration to full security audits .I prefer to spend most of my time at the command line, and only use the GUI to write GUI applications and to browse the web. I am really keen to give back to the Linux/Fedora community and have quite a bit of time to do so. If anyone wants to get back to me about some help with a project i will be more than happy to help out.

For someone with a good C background I think it'd be worth it for you to work on many of our outstanding bugs:



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