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Re: Introducing

Igor L. Ischenko wrote:
 Mike McGrath wrote:
Igor L. Ischenko wrote:
Good day!

I've just join the Fedora Project so I want to tell something about
myself. My name is Igor. I live in Kharkov, Ukraine (so I beg pardon for my
English :) ) and I'm a student of Kharkov national university of
radioelectronics. My speciality is Software Engineering (Automated
System Software). I'm interesting in artifical intelligence and
implementation of it's elements in modern software. ---------
With the best wishes,
Welcome Igor, what types of things were you interested in doing for the Fedora Project?

Well, I'm interesting in package collection maintenance and maybe new
tools development (I'm writing on C++\C# and now I'm learning python).
Does the Fedora Community has some documents that describe set of coding
standarts and coding style recommendations?
If you wish to become a package maintainer and add some additional packages to Fedora, you want to follow the information on the wiki in our Packagers section:


Also make sure you join the fedora-devel-list.


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