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Storage woes... again

Well, we haven't even had koji for a full release cycle yet and we're already worried about storage:


There are plans to implement a koji purger that gets rid of some of our builds but I've not seen any estimates as to how much space this will get us. I doubt, highly, that it will be more than half recovery. Given the worst case scenario we need to purchase additional storage immediately. Thats what this email is about.

Right now we're storing our stuff on some pretty quick netapps, which stinks considering that koji is only accessing a small percentage of that storage at any point in time and even then... its over NFS. I'd like to propose we move to cheaper storage that is dedicated to just koji. There are a number of options to do this, including different models of netapps. I'm putting a spreadsheet together that takes in to consideration price, how much we get and figures out how much it costs / G / month over a 4 year period. If you guys know of anything to add to the list just let me know.


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