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Re: Moin and notifications

Till Maas wrote:
On Di Oktober 16 2007, Mike McGrath wrote:

Proposal:  Disable notifications in Moin

Reason: Even page creations at this point are not working for some people.

How about a Wiki-Notification mailinglist, i.e. sending notifications only to one fixed address. Then add some topics to the mailinglist, e.g. for the SIGs, Packaging, Beats and other main namespaces to allow a little selection.

It'd require patches to moin. IE: We'd either have to get rid of all of the users or gut the mailing section of the wiki I guess. Just a reminder to those that aren't familiar with it. Moin iterates over every user who has page watch lists (currently in the thousands) to find out who to notify. As the number of our users increases and as the number of the pages they watch increase moin gets slower and slower on page saves.


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