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Re: Moin and notifications

On Wednesday 17 October 2007 01:53:59 Toshio Kuratomi wrote:

> > It'd require patches to moin.  IE: We'd either have to get rid of all of
> > the users or gut the mailing section of the wiki I guess.  Just a
> > reminder to those that aren't familiar with it.  Moin iterates over
> > every user who has page watch lists (currently in the thousands) to find
> > out who to notify.  As the number of our users increases and as the
> > number of the pages they watch increase moin gets slower and slower on
> > page saves.
> It would be doable though.  When I looked ~ a year ago, there were only
> two places in the code that would need to be hacked to replace the email
> subsystem.  I imagine we could find a single point in the code to hack
> if we just made finding the subscribed pages function return
> 'fedora-wiki-commits-list r c' instead of parsing each user's config
> file and returning that list.

I think I've suggested this before, but shouldn't we first try to fix Moin 
rather than spend time wondering if we can convert all the data to Mediawiki? 
We have a lot of talented Python people in this project, it shouldn't be 
impossible to do.

I do have some of my own interests here, my Summer Code Finland 2007 project 
[1] for Fedora was based on Moin, and if Fedora ditched Moin that would 
seriously threaten the future of that code. There was also a Fedora GSoC 
project on Moin last year, so even though none of this code is yet merged 
upstream, a lot of work has been done on Moin by Fedora people.

I don't want to step on anyone's toes here, I do understand the situation and 
I see that it causes a lot of trouble for us. I'm just trying to offer some 
pro-Moin points here as well.

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SummerOfCode/2007/VillePekkaVainio

Ville-Pekka Vainio
vpivaini cs helsinki fi

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