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Re: Self-introduction

gfroh - fedora wrote:

My name is Greg Froh and I've recently joined the Fedora Infrastructure
list, just wanted to introduce myself.

- 8 years lightweight sysadmin experience, recently with a focus on Fedora
and RHEL in LAMP production environments, but also Debian and Win2003
- 5 years in-depth PHP/MySQL development, including CMS, ecommerce, SOAP,
- 3 years C++ development (GNU)
- 3 years virtualization experience in production environments (VMWare)
- 5 years project management
- based out of Victoria, BC, Canada

I have $DAYJOB and a family, so can't commit tons of time, but would like
to contribute where I can. Areas where I think I could be useful include:
Web dev, documentation, and architecture.
Welcome, I noticed you say you'd be interested in documentation? If thats the case I'd highly recommend taking a look at the docs team: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject also join the fedora-docs-list. They do some really nice work and could use some additional people. Especially from technically minded people.


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