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Draciron introduction

Guess I should introduce myself. Been lurking here a couple months now :)

I ran into this group in connection with the Fedora Docs project,
which I spam from time to time and even contribute a few docs here and
there too :)

Primary skill set Linux Sys admin, Network Security and DBA.  A CISSP
is among the pieces of paper I hang on my wall.  17 years IT
experience. Last 7 working almost exclusively with Linux. Started in
the code mines but haven't written much code in last 10 years. Was one
of the few coders willing to learn SQL back then so I became the DBA
of test DBs which somehow made me qualified as a DBA and for a time
did that full time before admiting I'd done some Sys admin work in a
job interview which somehow qualified me as a Sys admin which is what
I wound up doing primarily for next several years.  Amazing how that
works :)

Worked for lots of cool companies and not so cool companies.

Been a LInux fanatic for some time now. First tried Linux in 95 or 96.
Started using Linux in 97 and except for recording software have been
converted totally to Linux since about 2000. I'm also currently part
of the Linux Journal reader advisory panel.

Outside of the geekdom work I play guitar and bass well enough to make
a dime a here and there playing in Rock bands. Attend Ren Faires,
prolific writer with 4 novels in various stages of revisions and a
couple more books in various states of completion. Nothing published,
nothing fit to be published yet but working on it :)  Warning I have a
bizarre sense of humor and I aint afraid to inflict it upon people :)
I also tend to speak my mind without regard to consequence.

I'm currently located in West Texas, but spent most of last 12 years
in the Houston area.

Anything y'all want to know just ask. I aint shy.

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