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Re: Php why must your apps suck so?

On Wed, Oct 24, 2007 at 08:39:48AM -0700, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> Jeffrey C. Ollie wrote:
>> On Wed, 2007-10-24 at 11:22 +0200, Mirko Klinner wrote:
>>> Hi friends of good infrastructure,
>>> 2007/10/23, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com>:
>>>         Ok, so there's a ticket for a new news site,
>>> https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/178
>>>                 Fact: PHP apps have a poor track record.
>>>         Fact: There doesn't appear to be any viable Python CMS's
>>> After reading the requirements stated in the ticket I wonder if it
>>> wouldn't be
>>> the best idea to implement a little application like that in
>>> TurboGears ? I work with TurboGears on daily basis, so I guess it would 
>>> take about
>>> 4 weeks
>>> to develop such a software, followed by another 8 weeks to test it and
>>> bring it
>>> to live. 
>>> What do you think about that ?
>> Not that I doubt your coding skills, but that would be another large set
>> of unique code that Fedora Infrastructure would need to maintain.  By
>> using an existing CMS system FI gains from the experiences of everyone
>> else that runs the CMS we choose.  Plus by choosing an existing CMS we
>> can spend those 4-8 weeks working on content and making a Fedora theme.
> Not to mention there are python CMS's... including a TurboGears one.  We 
> could look into whether those are close to meeting our needs and propose 
> patches to upstream instead of completely reinventing the wheel.  These are 
> the ones I found yesterday that appear to be in a usable state and active 
> upstream:
> http://www.pylucid.org/  -- DJango based
> http://www.turtolcms.org/
> http://www.pagodacms.org/ -- TurboGears based and has received a bit of 
> press but hasn't made a release yet.  Needs evaluation to see if it's ready 
> enough for our usage


I just finished watching the Pagoda screencast -- very impressive stuff.
I definitely recommend taking a look.  It's designed to drop right into
any existing TurboGears project.  It handles revision reviews,
publication schedules, powerful plugins, wiki-like features,
and all of the "web2.0" hotness you could ask for.

However, it's still very immature, and parts of the screencast were
actually mockups.. but it definitely has potential.


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