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Re: How about having a graphical mirror list?

susmit shannigrahi wrote:
One addition that will come in Fedora 9 (I don't think it made it into
F8 but I could be wrong) is that anaconda, the installer, will be able
to use the mirrorlist directly.  This will avoid the user having to
type in a URL for their country at all - it will be automagic based on
GeoIP, just like the updates are.

That should be great..but I was talking about  _manual_ downloads, not
anaconda or yum.
For example when someone wants to download the .iso files et al.
Won't this be more easier than traversing the list?

The graphical map would be cool but I think the "2 clicks to live CD" feature we'll be implementing soon is more useful:


This will direct users to a geo close mirror without them having to figure it out, using GeoIP.


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