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owner-sync-pkgdb now run from cron

Hi guys, Just a message to let you know syncing owner information from pkgdb to koji is now being done from a cron script on releng1. You can still run owner-sync-pkgdb manually after making ownership changes or adding new packages but if you don't, the changes should propogate to koji at the top of every hour.

A few notes:
* We're running from releng1 because cvs-int is too old to install the koji client libraries. At some point in the future cvs-int will move to a newer version of RHEL and we can run the script from there.

* owner-sync is being run from my crontab on releng1. It has to be run with a user's certificates as we need to authenticate to koji in order to update ownership information.

* The script that's driving this is version controlled in /cvs/pkgs/CVSROOT/admin/owner-sync-pkgdb. I've put it into puppet to distribute it to releng1 so it's now checked into puppet's config module as well.


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