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Bazaar repositories available for hosted

Since last week we have the capability to create bazaar repositories for hosted projects. If anyone knows of documentation in the wiki that lists what kind of repositories we can setup, be sure it lists, hg, git, bzr, and svn as we have the capability for all four of those.

I've migrated the python-fedora and fedora-packagedb repositories onto our the hosted infrastructure so people using those will need to change their push and pull locations from fedorapeople.org to:

Anonymous access:

Commit access:

sftp://[USERNAME ]bzr fedoraproject org/bzr/hosted/packagedb/fedora-packagedb-devel

sftp://[USERNAME ]bzr fedoraproject org/bzr/hosted/python-fedora/python-fedora-devel

If you aren't already, you'll also want to use a shared repository with these branches (bzr init-repo) as sftp is a slower transport than bzr+ssh. (We need to move to a RHEL5 box in order to allow bzr+ssh again.)


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