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(01:03:22 PM) abadger1999 has changed the topic to: Fedora 
Infrastructure Meeting
(01:03:42 PM) abadger1999: Alrighty!  Meeting starting
(01:03:48 PM) gkrpan: <-- here
(01:04:06 PM) ivazquez: Present.
(01:04:17 PM) ***iWolf lurks
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(01:04:46 PM) abadger1999: f13: ping
(01:05:24 PM) abadger1999: We don't have too much today.
(01:05:32 PM) abadger1999: Change Freeze is in effect.
(01:05:32 PM) f13: pong
(01:05:55 PM) abadger1999: So remember if you have a change you need 
please email the list before making it live.
(01:06:32 PM) abadger1999: f13: Could you give us a summary of FESCo's 
meeting today and what things we need to be watching in Infrastructure?
(01:06:57 PM) abadger1999 has changed the topic to: Fedora 
Infrastructure: FESCo, release, etc
(01:07:12 PM) f13: FESCo decided to introduce a 2 week slip of the 
Fedora 9 schedule
(01:07:44 PM) f13: this is mostly to allow Preview Release some time to 
be consumed and gather reports back, and also to take into account that 
a good chunk of X team is out this week and some of next at a 
conference, and I'm out the last week of April
(01:07:59 PM) f13: nothing other than dates should really change for 
(01:08:27 PM) abadger1999: Sounds good.
(01:09:28 PM) f13: PReview Release is about to be made available via 
(01:09:43 PM) f13: and I'm going to also stage it for mirrors so that we 
can offer jigdo
(01:09:52 PM) f13: that will be made available early next week
(01:10:15 PM) abadger1999: What is the new release date going to be?
(01:10:41 PM) f13: May 13
(01:11:39 PM) abadger1999: Okay.  We'll need to update the counter on 
our website.
(01:12:17 PM) abadger1999: and extend the freeze.  (possibly shorten on 
this end, possibly not.)
(01:12:40 PM) abadger1999: Anyone else have questions?
(01:13:03 PM) abadger1999: f13: Thanks for the update!
(01:13:13 PM) f13: np, I have to run for a bit
(01:13:22 PM) abadger1999 has changed the topic to: Fedora 
Infrastructure Meeting: Tickets
(01:13:32 PM) abadger1999: Okay, we only a have a few meeting tickets 
this week.
(01:13:40 PM) abadger1999: jcollie: ping?
rahul_b rdieter RenaultR83 ricky rsc
rahul_b rdieter RenaultR83 ricky rsc
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(01:15:29 PM) abadger1999: Okay.  So no update on audio conferencing via 
(01:15:55 PM) abadger1999: .ticket 398
(01:15:57 PM) zodbot: abadger1999: #398 (elfutils `monotone' (mtn) 
error) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac -
(01:16:20 PM) abadger1999: The monotone bug has been up for a while.  I 
noticed that the upstream bug has a link to a program thatmight help.
(01:17:01 PM) abadger1999: I've asked rmcgrath to evaluate whether usher 
will do what we need.
(01:17:14 PM) abadger1999: .ticket 446
(01:17:15 PM) zodbot: abadger1999: #446 (Possibility to add external 
links on spins page) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac -
(01:17:45 PM) abadger1999: It looks like we need to find a good way to 
link to the external spins that people are producing.
(01:18:07 PM) yingbull [n=yingbull at] 
entered the room.
(01:18:22 PM) abadger1999: There's likely to be quite a few which are 
localizations of the main Fedora Spin.
(01:18:31 PM) ***yingbull arrives.
(01:18:58 PM) abadger1999: Hey yingbull
(01:19:16 PM) abadger1999: Does websites control spins.fp.o?
(01:19:48 PM) abadger1999: How do they feel about designing something to 
link to external spins?  Better to have a link to the wiki as dgilmore 
(01:20:15 PM) abadger1999: ricky, ivazquez: Thoughts?
(01:21:13 PM) ivazquez: Restricting the links on the page to internal 
torrents does simplify things, but not by a lot. Personally I have no 
preference for or against.
(01:21:25 PM) mdomsch [n=Matt_Dom at] 
entered the room.
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(01:22:23 PM) abadger1999: mdomsch: The logs so far:
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(01:23:18 PM) abadger1999: Okay.  So if we put them into the page 
directly we need to have people get the information to you to update the 
(01:23:30 PM) abadger1999: Does a ticket work best for that?
(01:24:12 PM) ivazquez: Well, having said that, the infrastructure for 
supporting "off-site" spins isn't in place.
(01:24:38 PM) abadger1999: Ah.  Okay.  So let's put this on hold until 
mmcgrath can fill in some of the blanks.
(01:24:48 PM) ivazquez: Currently it uses the original page-generation 
script which I don't believe can handle that.
(01:25:25 PM) ivazquez: (and I admittedly don't know enough about FI to 
poke at it)
(01:25:45 PM) abadger1999: Alrighty.
(01:25:56 PM) abadger1999 has changed the topic to: Fedora Infrastruture 
Meeting: Open Floor
(01:26:10 PM) abadger1999: Anyone have any topics to discuss?
(01:28:33 PM) abadger1999: I have one: With the two week slip of the 
release, we need to extend the change freeze.
(01:28:58 PM) abadger1999: So,  May 14th as the end date.
(01:29:58 PM) abadger1999: Sound reasonable?  Should we cut a bit off 
this end as well or has the burden not been to onerous on people?
(01:30:18 PM) mdomsch: and we don't unfreeze now
(01:30:55 PM) ivazquez: Do we want to be frozen for an entire month?
(01:32:09 PM) ivazquez: Okay, I'm not hearing any one arguing that we 
shouldn't, so I'll live.
(01:32:50 PM) ***abadger1999 notes that he doesn't care
(01:33:08 PM) lmacken: sounds reasonable to me.
(01:33:15 PM) lmacken: even though i'll probably have to break freeze 
for bodhi at some point :\
(01:33:38 PM) abadger1999: The change freeze was supposed to start two 
weeks before release.  So if we unfreeze we'd push it back to Apr 29.
(01:34:12 PM) abadger1999: If we stay frozen, we could be much more 
liberal with what we accept until that date... but then, what's the 
purpose of the freeze then?
(01:34:16 PM) mdomsch: freeze + exceptions is sane
(01:34:28 PM) mdomsch: just get exceptions reviewed
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(01:35:53 PM) abadger1999: Okay.  So proposal: Announce changes to the 
list.  Reviewers know that we can continue to make more intrusive 
changes until Apr 29.  So be liberal with the +1's until then.
(01:37:51 PM) ivazquez: That seems acceptable to me.
(01:38:02 PM) abadger1999: Alright.
(01:38:05 PM) yingbull: Sounds fine by me, too.
(01:38:42 PM) abadger1999: Oh one more announcement:  f13 and I will be 
finalizing a plan for mass branching of cvs and branching this weekend.
(01:39:26 PM) abadger1999: That means an outage for cvs commits.  We'll 
send mail to fedora-devel-announce about that.
(01:39:33 PM) abadger1999: Anyone else have anything?
(01:39:52 PM) mdomsch: f13 just sent the announcement; I'll forward to 
the mirrors
(01:42:26 PM) abadger1999: Okay.  I'll close the meeting in 60
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(01:46:37 PM) abadger1999: Okay.Thanksall
(01:46:49 PM) abadger1999 has changed the topic to: Topic for 
#fedora-meeting is Channel is used by various Fedora groups and 
committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get 
logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See for 
meeting schedule

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