static F10 Alpha relnotes page

Nigel Jones dev at
Mon Aug 4 12:57:54 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-08-04 at 01:57 -0700, Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
> Do we want to turn this page static for the Alpha release?
> I put out the last call for changes and am making a few myself.  Is
> there a good target for calling to static for now?
To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure we need to worry about it until the
actual release (even them I'm not sure we'll need to).  The wiki's
internal caching and mod_cache seem to be useful enough together (yet a
pain for some other things) that for anonymous users it'll be cached

We now have 3 machines handling wiki data, and it is from a fairly
powerful DB, so where the caching doesn't help the backend should be
able to pull the weight.
> We'll want to make sure we can edit it.  Perhaps as part of making it
> static we can tell people to post changes to the talk page, then we'll
> do irregular updates of the static content?
When making changes to the page, you'd need to go to (I'm 99% sure that this will work for all users).

Basically it'll wipe the MW cache etc and display the fresh copy.

I think this would be a rather interesting experiment and I am sure that
Mediawiki will pass with flying colours :).  And well, if it does turn
out we need to use static pages, then it's not that hard to do :).

- Nigel

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