serverbeach2 and serverbeach3 reboot

Ricky Zhou ricky at
Mon Aug 4 18:40:27 UTC 2008

On 2008-08-04 02:27:19 PM, seth vidal wrote:
> /me shudders
> root? seriously? Let's go ahead and validate all the other names we
> don't like the idea of:
> 1. pretty much any daemon username in any pkg in fedora
> 2. all numerics
> 3. all of the base system usernames
The current blacklist is in configs/web/applications/fas-prod.cfg.erb,
but we'll want to check current names as well.  

On the next FAS release, it's being changed from a regex to a
comma-separated list of strings.  The only other restriction on
usernames is that they must be lowercase alphanumeric, and must start
with a letter. 

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