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Martin Sourada martin.sourada at
Thu Aug 7 17:49:34 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-08-07 at 10:42 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
> 0 chance of that happening.  Galleries aren't part of the fedorahosted
> solution.  But we can probably setup some sort of
> site.  Couple of requirements include somehow being able to integrate it
> with FAS though.
> 	-Mike
The core of the whole effort is to get some hand-picked (by the fedora
art team) extra wallpapers into fedora package system, so that users
will have optionally more wallpapers to chose from available via yum. I
considered these names for the binary (sub-)packages:

and these names for the source packages and meta-packages:

The meta-package would require all the sub-packages of the given
category. I think this is a feasible solution to keep d/l's on updates
as low as possible and also not having some monstrous single package.

The gallery would ideally serve both for the art team (as a place to
submit their pictures for evaluation by the whole team) and users (as an
additional place for additional easy-to-download wallpapers). Thus I
think it would be nice if it has these features:

 - Categories/Subcategories
 - Ability to store big images (ca 1-6 MB), but provide user with low
transfer rate when previewing - i.e. creating thumbnails at the server
 - Integration with FAS
 - Some sort of rating system
 - Ability to download the full quality image easy (e.g. by one-click)
 - Probably ability to keep sources together with the resultant image in
one place (in case it's e.g. a vector graphics or a collage)
 - Maybe some tag system to let users know what's in repos and what's 
 - Easy upload (can be either through CLI or Web Interface)
 - Would be nice if the full quality images/sources had some nice URLs
so that we could easily fetch them either by build script or list them
as sources in RPM.

Do you think we have other requirements, Nicu?

Also following the thread here, it seems like
would be better solution for the gallery itself (in case we did it
ourselves combined with gallery code in fh.o), I don't know yet what
would be the best approach for upstream of the RPM packages. Copying the
selected images into fh.o, or creating some build scripts which would
fetch the images from art.fp.o and install them to system and have these
scripts on fh.o, or just have rpm fetch images and list art.fh.o as

Any thoughts?


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