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Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Fri Aug 8 06:13:40 UTC 2008

Martin Sourada wrote:
> The gallery would ideally serve both for the art team (as a place to
> submit their pictures for evaluation by the whole team) and users (as an
> additional place for additional easy-to-download wallpapers). Thus I
> think it would be nice if it has these features:
>  - Categories/Subcategories
>  - Ability to store big images (ca 1-6 MB), but provide user with low
> transfer rate when previewing - i.e. creating thumbnails at the server
> side
>  - Integration with FAS
>  - Some sort of rating system
>  - Ability to download the full quality image easy (e.g. by one-click)
>  - Probably ability to keep sources together with the resultant image in
> one place (in case it's e.g. a vector graphics or a collage)
>  - Maybe some tag system to let users know what's in repos and what's 
> not
>  - Easy upload (can be either through CLI or Web Interface)
>  - Would be nice if the full quality images/sources had some nice URLs
> so that we could easily fetch them either by build script or list them
> as sources in RPM.
> Do you think we have other requirements, Nicu?

RSS feeds would be also nice to have and it seems there is a Gallery2 
module for that - (I have 
never tested it)

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