Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Sun Aug 10 22:54:18 UTC 2008

Grady Laksmono wrote:
> Hi Toshio,
> The main language that I use for programming is Java, but I've just in 
> love with Python and has been programming with it about 10 weeks ago for 
> a game project using Panda 3D game engine. I'm definitely interested to 
> do work with codes, using Python and/or any other languages such as 
> C/C++, PHP, and Java. I listed my previous experiences (in which most of 
> the time deal with the web development), and my technical skills at 
> I checked out, and I'm interested with the 
> Amber project ( by reading its 
> description. I thought that it would be very helpful to have this 
> feature to be released in Fedora 10.
Excellent!  Robin Norwood is the lead developer of amber.  I've CC'd 
him.  Robin, do you have any python work for a new contributor to get 
their feet wet with the amber code?


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