RFC: script to run sqlalchemy migrations on the db

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 16:43:55 UTC 2008

Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> app2 $ migrate-runner -h db2 -d fas2 /usr/share/fas/database
> This script must create a temporary db user, fas2temp on db2.
> That user will have permission to modify anything in the fas2 database.
> If you stop this script in the middle of running you will want to remove 
> the created user from the db.
> To continue, enter your password for sudo on db2:
> Running: ssh db2 pg_temp_user --verbose --create fas2
> pg_temp_user: checking for db fas2... yes
>   [sudo -u postgres psql select from pg_users where name = 'fas2temp']
> pg_temp_user: checking for existing fas2temp... no
>    [if yes, then abort and have the admin remove the account, check for 
> other issues, etc]
> pg_temp_user: generating password... success
> pg_temp_user: create fas2temp... success
>    [sudo -u postgres cat temppasswdfile | sudo -u postgres createuser 
> fas2temp -P -E && sudo -u postgres rm temppasswdfile || sudo -u postgres 
> rm temppasswdfile]
> pg_temp_user: setting fas2temp permissions on fas2
>    [echo "grant all on fas2 to fas2temp" | sudo -u postgres psql fas2]
>    [print fas2temp passwd to stdout which migrate-runner captures]
> Received password for fas2temp
> Running migrate
>    [various script invocations that loupgaroublond helps me create]
> Running: ssh db2 pg_temp_user --verbose --remove fas2
> pg_temp_user: checking for db fas2... yes
> pg_temp_user: checking for existing fas2temp... yes

[One more step needed here:]
pg_temp_user: updating table ownership to postgres... success
     [This detects all the tables in the fas2 db and reassigns ownership 
from the fas2temp user to the database superuser.]

> pg_temp_user: removing fas2temp... success
> Successfully upgraded database
> -Toshio

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