Puppet help - group membership on specific host

Daniel Drown dan-fedora-i at drown.org
Tue Aug 26 22:01:09 UTC 2008

On Tue, 26 Aug 2008, Jesse Keating wrote:
> I need a puppet trick.  We have a shared user, masher, that has write
> access to the mash/ directory on the koji store (but not the packages!).
> This user currently exists on nfs1 and releng2.  On releng2 the user is
> used to run the rawhide creation cron, which involves running mock.  To
> run mock, the user must be in the 'mock' group.  However this group
> (which comes from the mock package) doesn't exist on nfs1 and we'd like
> to keep it that way.
> So, I need a way in puppet to express that the 'masher' user on releng2
> needs to be in the mock group, but only on releng2.
> Any thoughts/examples?  This is probably one of those "puppet tricks" we
> should have in a wiki somewhere.

how about something like:

user {
      ensure  => "present",
      groups => $fqdn ? {
        "releng2" => ["mock"],
        "nfs1" => []

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