Moin 2.0 (or as I call it, mediawiki)

Mike McGrath mmcgrath at
Fri Feb 8 19:33:16 UTC 2008

So I spent some time last night and produced this:

It's worth noting that the upgrade from Moin1.5.8 -> Moin 1.6.1 took
longer then going from Moin 1.5.8 to the mediawiki install above.  There's
still some work to be done (especially a theme).  But I think the
conversion to mediawiki is much closer to us now then ever before if we
decide to go this route.


Question 1, do we want to try this conversion?

Question 2, Who is willing to take orders from me with regards to getting
a new template done?  (by orders I basically just mean do this, this is
broken, this header didn't come out, we need a css fix here).  Just
something functional so it can be presented to the rest of the project and
ultimately redesigned for a crisp look and feel?

Question 3, I did a brief look, there's a lot of stuff that's broken,
mostly tables.  Does anyone see anything that came out completely
un-recognized?  I'm especially referring to the translated pages.

This is a very rough conversion, but it did convert, most of the text is
there, formatting needs work.  I'm still working on the script so send any
suggestions / comments my way.


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