Mailman List Policy for Fedora Hosted

Jeffrey Ollie jeff at
Tue Feb 19 15:45:49 UTC 2008

Well, I believe that I have most of the technical bits in place for
Mailman for Fedora Hosted.  Now we just need to figure out a few
policy items...

1) Who can request lists? My proposal: anyone that is listed as an
administrator in the project's group in FAS.

2) What sorts of lists can be requested?  My proposal: Lists may be
reqested for discussing the use of, development of, or disseminating
other useful information about (e.g. announcement or commit lists)
projects hosted with Fedora.  Lists about non-F/OSS topics or F/OSS
projects not hosted with Fedora would not be acceptable.

3) What should the policy on list names be?  My proposal:

A) All list names must be prefixed with "<projectname>-".
B) All list names must be suffixed with "-list".
C) Lists may optionally have something between the prefix and suffix,
as long as it's not obviously vulgar or obscene.

For example, the following would be acceptable list names:


The purpose for the "-list" suffix is to keep lists in a separate
namespace in case we want to use <something> for some
other purpose in the future.

The exceptions to this rule would be the default "mailman" site list
and possibly a list dedicated to discussing the Fedora Hosted service
itself (name to be determined later).  FESCo or the Fedora Board could
approve other exceptions.

4) What should the policy on archives be? My proposal:

A) All lists must have public archives.  The exception would be the
default "mailman" list.
B) Requests to remove a post from the archives will be denied unless
it can be shown that by *not* removing the post RedHat and/or Fedora
face a credible threat of civil or criminal liability.  We'll likely
require the assistance of RH Legal to make these sorts of
determinations (hopefully they will never happen).


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