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Re: xen1 outage

why these machines can't run fedora 8 ?

fedora 8 have new xen version, and new xen kernels.

Mike McGrath wrote:
On Wed, 9 Jan 2008, Mike McGrath wrote:

FYI all we're working on xen1's issues.  They seem to be iscsi related but
its still not quite clear.  Basically the last thing we see in the logs is
an issue with iscsi, then the box reboots.  We're seeing similar log
issues around the same time on our other boxes... but they don't reboot.


xen2 has started doing this too, having recently upgraded to RHEL5 it is a
likely suspect as both xen1 and 2 are now on RHEL5.  I've updated the
ticket for more info:


Right now xen2 is basically downgraded to FC6 as far as kernel and xen
libs are concerned.  we'll see if that helps.  I'll be testing the fixes
suggested on xen1 in the coming week.


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