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Red Hat (Fedora) Bugzilla 3.2 Upgrade on July 26th, 2008

I'm sending this on behalf of Dave Lawrence and the bugzilla team at Red Hat. Fedora uses this instance of bugilla too.

Please forward this on to people or groups I missed.

Thank you,



The Red Hat Bugzilla team is happy to announce that the release of the
next version of Red Hat Bugzilla will occur on July 26th, 2008. The next
version will be based on the upcoming upstream 3.2 code base soon to be

For previewing the next release please go to:


We encourage everyone to please go to the above site and provide any
final testing and feedback where possible. Please verify that the
features you have come to reply on day to day in our current Bugzilla
are still available and working properly. Please use the new UI and make
sure that you can accomplish the same tasks. Do not worry about making
changes, this is a test snapshot and is not live data. Also emails will
not be sent for changes so do what you like. Also please make sure your
stored queries/reports/whines still work and display as expected.

Some notable changes since 2.18:

Ajax optimizations on searching and displaying bug
Improved needinfo actor support
Changed guided bug entry
UI enhancements
XMLRPC API: New API plus compatibility with old API. (please verify your
scripts that use XMLRPC against the test system before the release date)

There are numerous other changes behind the scenes that we haven't
listed. The goal is to make sure that functionality that people have
come to expect in 2.18 is possible in the new system.

There are also numerous new features/fixes that are part of the upcoming
3.2 release provided by the upstream Bugzilla community. For more
detailed information on what has changed since the last release, check
out the Release Notes.

We have done extensive work at laying out what we feel the requirements
are to maintain feature parity with our current system as well as
compiled a list of feature enhancements that people would like to see in
the next release. Our goal is to deliver a working bugzilla with the
bare essential requirements similar to what is currently being used in
our current 2.18 system. After that we will begin work on enhancements
as time and resources permit. To view the final release requirements
list please refer to our Bugzilla 3 Tracking bug at

Please file any enhancement requests or bug reports in our current
Bugzilla system at bugzilla.redhat.com. File them under the Bugzilla
product and relevant component with the version 3.2. Also send questions
to bugzilla-owner redhat com  With everyone's help we can make this a
great release.

Thanks The Red Hat Bugzilla Team

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