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Re: Infrastructure Secondary Offerings

On Mon, 2008-06-09 at 10:59 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
> So one of the things that has made Fedora's Infrastructure successful is
> the amount of time we spend getting configs together and tested _before_
> we go live with them.  Often times re-doing things from scratch multiple
> times.
> This works well in our shared app environment.  They're in puppet, the
> people involved understand it.  This is a very high barrier but in our
> case, it's completely worth it.
> However.... We do, regularly, have people request hosting from us for
> various open source projects.  Some people just want a place to host
> something.  I'd think these individuals would support these hosts
> outside of Fedora's normal realm.  So question 1)
> Should Fedora get in the business of providing (probably xen guests) to
> other projects?
> I'd love to say yes, but there are many concerns in terms of IP space,
> security, security, liability, and security.
> Comment, please.

We'll quickly run up against our limits I think after a few of these
requests and we'll end up hosting things we may have to 'correct' later.

I'd say we could provide managed xen guests but not just "here's your
box, have fun" hosts.


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