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app2 rebuild

hey guys, I'm going to rebuild app2 and stick some of our tg apps on
there.  Seth brought up an excellent point earlier in that our tg apps
aren't really using any x86_64 code but the python objects they create can
be 2-3x larger in memory.  Since most of our performance issues with these
apps is memory bloat (and ultimate swap) I'm going to build it as an i686
box.  After a week or two we can compare memory footprints.  I'd really
like to get some benchmarks done to have some actual data to compare to
but I just don't think I'll have time for it (if someone else wants to
though I'd greatly appreciate it)

I'm going to add app2 to the farm with some of our apps like smolt,
mirrormanager and pkgdb.  Then compare memory footprints after a week or

Also, the last thing blocking us from app3 is getting mediawiki in EL-5 or
in the infrastructure repo.  If someone wants to get together and verify
that the newest mediawiki in Fedora will build in EL-5 I'd greatly
appreciate it (don't forget about the deps).


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