Hosting Linux Fest Northwest Videos on torrent

Jeffrey Tadlock linux at
Sat May 3 14:33:34 UTC 2008

2008/5/2 Jesse Keating <jkeating at>:
>  For the current need I think we're way way scaled down from fedoratv
>  days.  All I currently want to do is take the videos once converted,
>  upload them to the/a torrent server and offer them up as torrents for a
>  period of time.  And while this might be a precidence setter, it is
>  something of a one-off, not the start of a campaign to host all the
>  Linux Fest videos we can get our hands on.

We need to be prepared for future requests though and how to handle
them.  We may not be campaigning, but I am sure other groups will
notice we did this for the Linux Fest Northwest and then possibly go
on to ask for help with a video torrent service as well.  It is
probably best we work out what we say yes and what we say no to before
we get too far into it.  And it may be as simple as saying this *is* a
one time thing until we work out those other details.

In the ideal world, I do think it would be great if we could do things
like this - for Fedora related videos from a conference or other
talks.  Brett brings up several good points on that type of service.

>  I gave two Fedora specific
>  talks at this event, one of which showcasing the tools and services that
>  Fedora has created so it's not entirely non-Fedora in scope.  If we to,
>  I would be fine with just hosting the two Fedora specific talk videos.

It would be great for these videos to be available.  It helps people
who could not be at the event hear about these tools and services and
also provides material for Ambassadors and such to reference at local
events they do attend - keeps us from having to fly Jesse everywhere.

My suggestion would be (if current resources allow for it - people and
hardware) that we start with hosting Fedora specific videos.  Use this
as a pilot program.  It is easier to justify as the content is
directly related to Fedora and acts as a natural filter for requests.
We can use this hosting experiment as a way to better "guesstimate"
what would need to be in place (disk space wise, etc) before offering
space for other conference videos.  Once we have a better idea of
space, bandwidth, etc. we can determine how to scale or if we should
scale to the larger offering.


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