user-added planet script

Bill Nottingham notting at
Thu May 8 15:50:31 UTC 2008

seth vidal (skvidal at said: 
> Hey folks, 
>    I'm working on a script to collect blog/name/hackergotchi entries
> from users homedirs on and assemble them into a config
> file for planet to use. All the bits about grabbing the files are
> clearly simple. My only question is this:
>   - Should I just have the user put one (or more) planet config stanzas
> in a file in their homedir or have them list just the blog feed url, the
> hackergotchi url and their name and try to parse that out?
> I'm inclined to the former. So a user could just have a .planet file
> that has:
> []
> name = Seth Vidal
> face =

Would there be a good way to blacklist entries if we needed to in
a rush? Or would we just edit the master config and disable the


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