Disk Space Issues - cvs-int/build hosts - (includes general note on Nagios Disk notifications)

Dennis Gilmore dennis at ausil.us
Tue May 13 13:58:28 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 13 May 2008, Nigel Jones wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I seem to have deleted the nagios notification that I want to mention in
> particular, but as I noted in SOP/Nagios the %ages noted in the e-mails
> are what is left, so inode=99% doesn't mean that 99% of the inodes are
> used, it means 99% are still free.
> Anyway, what this means, is that when nagios has been complaining about
> cvs-int recently, in particular the fact that /git has reached WARNING.
> After a bit of hunting around, I found /repo/pkgs using 168GiB of the
> 192GiB available, which is understandable, Fedora has got huge.
> Problem here, is that there are a LOT of old tarballs in that folder,
> which leaves me wondering if we should do a spring clean ~1 mo after
> release.

We already have plans to move the lookaside cache to the netapp.  at least 
that was the last plan i was aware of.

> Diskspace isn't cheap, so I like delete old tarballs, I also like this
> option because it's not like they disappear completely, they should be
> in the src.rpm's already on archive.fp.o and if we accidentally delete 1
> or 2 that are still needed, well grab it from src.rpm...
> This leads on to my second item...
> xenbuilder2 has run out of diskspace in /, it's down to 32M, thankfully
> koji has disabled it so it's safe for now, but wouldn't it be nice to
> throw say a 50GB partition dedicated solely for /var/lib/mock &
> /mnt/build?  Yes, yes, I know money, but once again, builds are getting
> bigger so 'it'd be nice'.

xenbuilder1 and hammer2 are the oldest boxes we have in the buildsystem.  
closely followed by ppc1  xenbuilder2 is also quite an old box now.  im 
cleaning up /var/lib/mock on xenbuilder2 now.  failed builds dont get cleaned 
up automatically.  we probably should reap them more often.  

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