Rolling out kojipkgs url for koji repodata

Mike McGrath mmcgrath at
Wed May 14 18:02:30 UTC 2008

On Wed, 14 May 2008, Jesse Keating wrote:

> In order to reduce the load on the koji hub, we've recently brought up a
> new http host that serves out the /mnt/koji/packages/ content.
> Currently when koji builders build repodata they hard code the baseurl
> of ''.  This means that every
> builder and every static-repo user will hit the hub to download
> packages.  Instead we'd like them to hit the new host, kojipkgs.  A
> simple change to kojid.conf files on the builders will make the new
> baseurl be ''.  Any repodata
> made after that change (and builder restart) will have the new url.  The
> old url will continue to work for the old repodata, but the amount of
> systems hitting it should reduce over time.

I'm also hoping to implement some caching there as well to reduce load on

> I'm ready to commit the change to puppet, and once we're sure a puppet
> run has gone through and updated the files I can start a rolling restart
> of the builders.  The process would look like this:
> 1) koji disable-host <all the hosts>
> 2) as each host finishes it's current task, log in and restart the kojid
> service.
> 3) koji enable-host <each host after restart>
> The final step would be to watch for a newRepo task and verify that the
> generated repodata has the correct url, and that said repodata is usable
> by builders and by consumers of static-repos.  If there is a failure the
> rollback plan would be much like above, only including a rollback to the
> previous URL listed in kojid configs.
> Is there any objection to me committing the puppet change, making it
> live and starting on the rolling process?  There should be no overall
> outage to send mail about, service will remain uninterrupted.

Works for me.  If you need anything just ping :)


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