download problem

susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at
Thu May 15 16:15:46 UTC 2008

> we don't know this number (100) in the app...
> Hence it needs to be a probability chosen out of the 53 (which we do
> know).

No, Wait.

I can show if this is true for 100, this will be true for _any_ number.

* As we are generating a random number within 100, the probability of each
number being picked up is 1/100.

* So the probability of getting a number within 85 is always 85/100.

* Lets assume there are n requests to distribute.

* Whatever be the value of n, the random number's probability of being
in range <85
is 85/100.

* So out of n requests, n*85/100 requests will always be routed to X
irrespective of the value n.

* Lets say n=10..So X gets 10*85/100 = 8.5 requests.

* Lets say n=27 so X gets 27*85/100 = 22.95 requests.

* If n=1, then the probability that X will get that particular requests is 85%.




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