Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at gmail.com
Tue May 20 16:15:28 UTC 2008

Things I'd like but probably can't work on myself:
* GeoIP/DNS based proxying.  I'm in Europe and request 
admin.fedoraproject.org I get the European app server.  I'm in the US I 
get PHX or tummy.
   - This might make it possible for us to have app servers around the 
world.  We'd still have latency from database calls having to get 
replies from PHX but for calls between apps all requests would stay in 
the same colo.

Things I'll have a hand in:
* New python-fedora API with exception-like error handling client-side 
and more standardization server-side.
   - Porting all our web apps to the new architecture.
* Optimize db calls within TG applications to make them as snappy as 
possible.  I can do this for SQLAlchemy but SQLObject isn't flexible 
enough.  Any page which is for viewing data and is returning multiple 
records is potentially a good candidate.
* OpenID auth provider for our TG apps (if it's faster/better than our 
current jsonfas provider).  We don't gain any features from an OpenID 
provider unless we want to allow other OpenID servers to authenticate 
our users.
* pkgdb: I'm going to concentrate on refactoring existing pkgdb code. 
I'm hoping mapleoin will keep up the good work he's been doing adding 
new features.
* New koji db server.
* Moving TG apps from supervisor to mod_wsgi


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