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Jesse Keating jkeating at
Wed May 28 17:44:39 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-05-28 at 13:00 -0400, Jesse Keating wrote:
> A few days ago I setup email2trac on our hosted1 system to allow for
> using emails to create Trac tickets for select hosted projects.  At this
> was all working, and the setup was such that the aliases file and
> aliases.db for Trac projects that accept tickets were owned by apache so
> that the mail command /in/ the alias would be ran as apache.  This was
> necessary because it's the apache user who has write access to the trac
> databases.
> Sometime in the last few days this has stopped working.  Mail is getting
> through the alias path and delivered to the email2trac command but that
> command is dropping it somewhere.
> I could really use a second set of eyes looking at the setup with me
> that has more experience with postfix and aliases.  Please find me on
> #fedora-admin as "f13".  Thanks!

And of course I just found the problem.  email2trac's spam detection
code is... sub par.  It was seeing a 'X-Spam-Level:' header with no
content and trying to split that line.  Whoops.  It seems to me it
really needs to grok the X-Spam-Status line and find the score within.
I don't necessarily have time to do that today so I've hand patched
email2trac to just catch on 'X-Spam-Flag'.  If any of you would like to
work on a better patch please shoot it my way, I'll hold off on building
email2trac for a few days.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- Freedom² is a feature!
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