Logging #fedora-meeting

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Thu May 29 02:17:25 UTC 2008

Dennis Gilmore said the following on 05/27/2008 01:23 PM Pacific Time:
> On Tuesday 27 May 2008, Mike McGrath wrote:
>> There's been some requests to log #fedora-meeting automatically.  There's
>> technical issues there like where to store them, is there a way to auto
>> start / stop meetings, etc.
>> Lets discuss.  thoughts?
> A bot that  you can issue commands to such as startmeeting <meetingName>, 
> endmeeting. and postmeeting  <meetingname> would be good.  It  would really 
> want a very limited set of commands.
> we would need a host for the bots to run on.  then we could export meetings 
> via http. 

Bonus points if you could specify the timezone for the timestamps of if 
defaulted to UTC.


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