Call For Testers - Elections Application

Nigel Jones dev at
Thu May 29 08:07:51 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

With Fedora 9 out the door we hit a very busy time for elections, the previous system was, well lets just say, not optimal.

So I accepted the goal of creating an application by our post-release election season that would integrate well with FAS and would allow a different method of voting, Range Voting.

If your not familiar with Range Voting check out the essentials however is that you rank candidates from 0<-># of candidates, if you don't like them, just rank them 0.

In the future, the application will not only allow the Board and Steering Committees to hold elections, it will (hopefully) become available to SIGs and Steering Committees for any time of poll/call to vote.

This is where you all come in, it's impossible for a small group of people to find every possible mistake or bug in ANY item of software, so the more people we can get in to test it and report bugs/issues/thoughts the better!

All I ask is 10-20 minutes of your time, whenever your free over the couple of days to test and provide feedback.

1) You'll need an account on the test instance of FAS at (PLEASE) do not use your normal password and you don't need to do CLA etc (I've removed that requirement in the elections app for now).
2) Please direct your browser to and test away!
3) Try voting etc, make sure that you *can* view the results at but can't view the results at

 * I'm aware the UI is absolutely awful, there is already a ticket open for this ( please feel free to add items there.
 * Any errors you encounter that are 'unexpected' to you, please file a ticket at setting Milestone to 'Release 0.1.0' with full reproduction steps, and the time it occurred (TZ=UTC date)
 * Any other feedback can be directed to the elections-devel list (elections-devel at

After 5am UTC on the 1st June both elections will end and the 'results' should be public and hopefully we'll have a decent election app!

Thanks a lot & Happy Testing,

Nigel Jones

p.s. Sorry to those that fall asleep during my e-mail - I nearly did too!
p.s.s. Thanks must be given to Toshio, Ricky, Luca and Mike who have all assisted in this release

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