Alex Musolino musolinoa at
Thu May 29 09:50:48 UTC 2008


I've been using Linux for a little more than 3 years now (RedHat 9, FC5, FC6, 
F7, F8) and have since taken a strong interest in all things 
Linux/FOSS/Computers in general. I'm currently doing a Computer Systems 
Engineering degree as a double with Mathematical and Computer Sciences. I'm 
familiar with XML, XHTML/CSS, MySQL, I can program in PHP, and a little Java 
(working on my Python, Perl, C/C++).

I've messed around with some linux home servers, so I'm familiar with setting 
up and running basic Linux services. I'd love to help out with anything I 
can, and hopefully I'll learn a thing or two from other contributors.


Alex Musolino

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