Call For Testers - Elections Application

Aioanei Rares schaiba at
Thu May 29 15:44:36 UTC 2008

Nigel Jones wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> With Fedora 9 out the door we hit a very busy time for elections, the 
> previous system was, well lets just say, not optimal.
> So I accepted the goal of creating an application by our post-release 
> election season that would integrate well with FAS and would allow a 
> different method of voting, Range Voting.
> If your not familiar with Range Voting check out 
> the essentials however is 
> that you rank candidates from 0<-># of candidates, if you don't like 
> them, just rank them 0.
> In the future, the application will not only allow the Board and 
> Steering Committees to hold elections, it will (hopefully) become 
> available to SIGs and Steering Committees for any time of poll/call to 
> vote.
> This is where you all come in, it's impossible for a small group of 
> people to find every possible mistake or bug in ANY item of software, 
> so the more people we can get in to test it and report 
> bugs/issues/thoughts the better!
> All I ask is 10-20 minutes of your time, whenever your free over the 
> couple of days to test and provide feedback.
> Instructions:
> 1) You'll need an account on the test instance of FAS at 
> (PLEASE) do not use 
> your normal password and you don't need to do CLA etc (I've removed 
> that requirement in the elections app for now).
> 2) Please direct your browser to 
> and test away!
> 3) Try voting etc, make sure that you *can* view the results at 
> but 
> can't view the results at 
> Notes:
> * I'm aware the UI is absolutely awful, there is already a ticket open 
> for this ( please feel 
> free to add items there.
> * Any errors you encounter that are 'unexpected' to you, please file a 
> ticket at setting 
> Milestone to 'Release 0.1.0' with full reproduction steps, and the 
> time it occurred (TZ=UTC date)
> * Any other feedback can be directed to the elections-devel list 
> (elections-devel at
> After 5am UTC on the 1st June both elections will end and the 
> 'results' should be public and hopefully we'll have a decent election 
> app!
> Thanks a lot & Happy Testing,
> Nigel Jones
> p.s. Sorry to those that fall asleep during my e-mail - I nearly did too!
> p.s.s. Thanks must be given to Toshio, Ricky, Luca and Mike who have 
> all assisted in this release
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