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Re: OpenID and CLA

On Mon, 26 May 2008, Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:

> Just doing some thinking ...
> If we want to move our OpenID acceptance outside of Fedora's OpenID
> server, we'll have a blocker with the CLA.  AIUI, we need someone to
> knowingly accept the CLA and have that tied to a Real Name and email
> address in our database.  Right?


> However, OpenID could be a good way to get permissions to Talk: pages.
> That is a great way to get feedback from drive-bys, the kind of people
> who might take advantage of an OpenID to make a minor change on a
> page.

<nod> I looked briefly into this but haven't totally come to a solution

> Content in Talk: could be treated procedurally as we do bug reports.
> Maybe we can have a WikiLicense type of thing (FedoraProject:Copyrights
> link enough?) for that?  Either way, Talk: could be a discussion area,
> cf. mailing lists and bugzilla, that may produce content.  If someone
> gives specific wording and we want to use it, and now or later modify
> it, redistribute it, etc., it needs to be under the CLA and site
> license.  This is comparable to receiving a patch via bugzilla where the
> contributor should include licensing text.

Yeah, this is both a question for legal and a question to see what is
technically feasible.  OpenID is great, but once again the CLA continues
to be the biggest blocker to growing our contributor base.


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