Fedora 10 Beta Release Planning Meeting

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Thu Sep 18 03:38:38 UTC 2008

Fedora 10 Beta Release Planning Meeting

== Invitees ==
Jonathan Roberts -- Marketing
Karsten Wade -- Docs
Jesse Keating -- Rel Eng (present)
Paul Frields -- FPL (present)
Spot Callaway -- FEM (present)
John Poelstra -- Organizer (present)
Mike McGrath -- Infrastructure (present)
Dimitris Glezos -- Translation (present)
Máirín Duffy -- Art (present)
Will Woods -- QA
James Laska -- QA (present)
Ricky Zhou -- Websites (present)
Bill Nottingham -- Development

== Meeting Goals ==
o not intended to be a lengthy meeting
o opportunity to quickly go around the "virtual room" to make sure we 
are all ready for Beta release day
o make it easier for us to communicate in real-time across teams on the 
o John Poelstra also trying to flush out the taskjuggler schedules to 
reflect the reality of what needs to get done so that future schedules 
are tighter
o Invited a representative from each Fedora group with a role in getting 
the release out the door

== Meeting Notes ==

=== Release Engineering ===
o Release Engineering is expecting the following on release day
   1) announcement with link to page with information about the beta
   2) landing zone to drive all the users to
      --Mike M notes that this page http://get.fedoraproject.org should 
be used going forward for all releases
o All tasks and content for the beta release (for all teams) should be 
ready the day before release--Monday, September 22, 2008
   --need to do a dry run or validate that things (links, content, etc.) 
are in working order before announcing
   --meet 1 hour before release and try things out
o Future release cycles could be smoother with a buffer between feature 
freeze and beta freeze
   --considering during Fedora 11 planning
o Consider proposing a set of earlier dates for core packages in the 
distro to solidify the release earlier.  For example: anaconda, yum, 
rpm, etc.
o Consider moving feature freeze to one week before beta freeze so that 
features don't crash land on the beta freeze date

=== Documentation ===
o docs team responsible for content of releases notes
o single page release notes
    --do not get translated
o will assist release engineering to help with release announcement
o Docs team will need more community participation and help to get the 
installation guide ready
   --past contributors will not be able to be as involved this release cycle
   --waiting for git repo to get online; Mike will help coordinate as needed
o https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/10/Beta/ReleaseNotes

=== Art Team ===
o Art team to create banner to point to beta
o Art team is still deciding on a final theme and content will not be 
ready in time to package for the beta
   --in the future we will target getting new artwork ready and packaged 
by feature freeze
o Art team will work on a count-down timer to be ready at the release of 
the Preview Release

==== Web Sites Team ===
o websites team responsible for presentation of get.fedoraproject.org

=== Marketing & PR ===
o Paul is working with RHT PR to create press release blog
o Also need to do coordination with Jonathan Roberts and the Fedora 
marketing team

=== Translation ===
o Translation deadline pulled in by one week to provide one week between 
the translation deadline and the final development freeze
o Translation of the release notes starts with the preview release
o Dimitris is trying to get Red Hat to commit internal resources to help 
translate release notes for languages that RHT supports
   --15 languages now supported by Fedora could increase to 30 or 35
o Considered how we could make sure that translations are repacked 
before before final devel freeze?
    --use tracker bugs?
    --Spot is willing to help patrol and look for things that are missing

== Next Meeting ==
o Prepare for Preview Release
o Wednesday, October 22, 2008
o 17:00 UTC

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