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Hey there matt welcome. To fedora. You can go through the fedora wiki at http://fedoraproject.org and look at fedora infrastructurs SIG. That's where we deal with administration. Btw hope you love it here.

Best wishes
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Hello you all over there ;)

My name is Matthias Wiora - I'm from germany, 18 years old and I'm using
Fedora since now more than 4 years. It's time to get involved. In business
I'm a system Engineer :)
I've made my experiences in Virtualisation with XEN and VMware,
Datastore-Management in Datacore and OpenE, Database-Managment MSSQL and
MySQL (interested in Oracle!), System Administration Microsoft Server 2k8
& Terminal-Server-Administration Server 2k3 + Citrix XenApp, Debian 4/5,
End-User Support of Windows XP/Vista (Certified by MS 70-270) and Fedora
Clients :)
I'd like to get involed in the Fedora Server Management & Administration
processes. It's also possible to meet some else in Germany, Austria,
Switzerland or London.
well... you'd like to know more about me? http://openwallet.de :)
Well... That's for all. Any questions?

ahhhh... my hobbies: Playing Piano, Biking & Programming AtMega Processors
(c++) ;)

greetings from Germany,
µatthias (counterroot)

P.S.: Sry for the bad english. I'm trying to get better ;)

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