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Jörg Stephan johe.stephan at
Mon Apr 13 14:33:14 UTC 2009

Hi all,

so i've somelse introducing themselfs, so maybe i should introduce myself

My name is Joerg Stephan and i'am close to 30 years now. Iam from the
south-west of Germany (Saarland if someone wanne know) and i'am currently
trying to finish my study of mathematik and computer science.
I work also as system administrator in a research facility at university.
Ia, using Linux for several years now, startet with RedHat 5.1 some years
ago (maybe 1998 or so) and switched over to some other Unix/Linux
Distributions since that. Now i find Fedora the right place to sattle down.

I'am working on:
Nagios Systemmonitoring and building plugins in python and perl.
Automation scripts as hostlist and configuration using m4 and python.
Administration Vmware, PostgreSQL and MySQL DB, several Servers (dhcp,
apache, tomcat, samba, ltsp etc)

So thats something about me,
have a nice day

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