Preventing ctrl-c from blocking CVS commit messages

Ricky Zhou ricky at
Thu Apr 23 20:30:25 UTC 2009

Hey, I'm currently testing a solution for the problem where one can
prevent CVS commit mail from going out by pressing ctrl-c during the

To do this, I built a version of CVS with signal handling disabled and
made a wrapper script for cvs server that traps SIGINT and some other

I'd appreciate if people can test and try to abuse/break this setup :-),
so I have a test repo setup.  To test this, you need to be in

1. Prepend your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file on with:


(make sure not to accidentally lock yourself out with this)

2. Checkout the test module with:
cvs -d :ext:username at co test

3. Try to make a commit without it getting logged in

Feel free to try clever/evil things to test this out.

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