Bit flip

Mike McGrath mmcgrath at
Wed Apr 29 22:03:18 UTC 2009

On Wed, 29 Apr 2009, Jesse Keating wrote:

> On Tue, 2009-04-28 at 13:16 -0500, Matt Domsch wrote:
> >
> > So, I'd like to propose we back up the bitflip by at least 4 hours
> > from release time, perhaps as much as 6.
> Hrm.  This means we have unlocked mirrors for up to 6 hours before we
> make the announcement.  This could lead to a lot of confusion and
> uncertainty about the isos and their validity, something we see whenever
> a mirror leaks early.

That's certainly a downside.  But I'd generally consider that far less
bad then an announcement going out and having so few mirrors actually be
ready for it.

> Honestly I think we need a vastly different way of getting mirrors to
> bit flip aside from waiting on random cron jobs to pick up the change.

We do and are, but bit flipping sooner is an easy thing we can do now to
make a more smooth transition.  I think this is one of those don't let the
perfect get in the way of the good situations.


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