An Introduction

shawn mccarthy at
Sat Aug 1 01:24:38 UTC 2009

Hello All,

My name is Shawn, I have just recently joined the fedora infrastructure
I have been working for Linux and Unix Operating systems for about 10 years
as both an administrator and developer.

As an administrator I have been part of teams that were responsible for
managing large internet service application, monitoring of systems from
As a Developer I have worked in Java, c/c++, perl, shell scripts, and more
recently python/jython.  I am currently reading about scripting languages in
Java and collective intelligence.

I want to get more involved in the Fedora project as I have been using the
product on and off for about 4 years and I really like the distribution.  I
enjoy working on projects and figured I could give at least 5 hours or so a
week to help out.


majority rules, don't work in mental institutions....
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