Mailing list migration procedures

Jon Stanley jonstanley at
Sun Aug 2 23:52:51 UTC 2009

On Sun, Aug 2, 2009 at 1:34 AM, Rahul
Sundaram<sundaram at> wrote:

> Have you thought whether a reorganization is desirable while migrating?

Yes, note the section in the document about renaming lists.  I wasn't
very verbose in there about why you'd want to do that, maybe I was in
an earlier draft :). But the words 'fedora' and 'list' should never
appear in the list name - it's obvious that it's a list from the
domain name (lists.fp.o), as well as it has to do with Fedora (neither
of these were true of the lists

The two examples that you cited above would be renamed perl-devel and
java-devel, at least that's what makes sense to me.

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