RFR: Hosting for AutoQA test hardware

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Mon Aug 3 20:34:50 UTC 2009

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== Project Sponsor ==

 * '''Name''': James Laska
 * '''Fedora Account Name''': jlaska
 * '''Group''': Fedora QA Admin Group
 * '''Infrastructure Sponsor''': Mike McGrath and Jesse Keating

== Secondary Contact info ==

 * '''Name''': Will Woods
 * '''Fedora Account Name''': wwoods
 * '''Group''': Fedora QA Admin Group

== Project Info ==

 * '''Project Name''': AutoQA
 * '''Target Audience''': Consumers of Fedora rawhide interested in
automated daily test result presentation
 * '''Expiration/Delivery Date (required)''': 2009-09-10
 * '''Description/Summary''': Test hardware for AutoQA project
 * '''Project plan (Detailed)''': See
 * '''Goals''': The first major milestone is to provide public review of
daily rawhide test results intended to satisfy the question: ''Is
rawhide broken?''  To satisfy this, we are using an autotest server
along with bare metal test client systems.

== Specific resources needed ==

 * Server - Virt system with access to mysql database and the following
packages installed:
   * autotest, autoqa, Django 

 * Clients - Bare metal hardware intended to run tests scheduled by
autotest Server.
   * Existing hardware to be shipped to fedora-infrastructure
     * 2 x 1U HP Proliant DL360
   * Requirements for hardware:
     * Network power support needed
     * Remote console needed (iLO available on systems)

== Additional Info (Optional) ==

 * In the process of securing 2 additional rackable server systems to
deliver to infrastructure.  '''Planned''' specs:
   * Form factor: 1U or 2U
   * CPU: At ''least'' dual quad-core
   * Memory: At ''least'' 16Gib
   * Disk: 2 250G disks
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